The Gang 


We are three San Diego natives who have a lot to say about everything and nothing. Leading this rag-tag band of fools is Tony B., who has always been a huge podcast fan and supporter. He thought it would be a swell idea to rope in a couple gullible, drunk friends to shoot the shit with and make each other laugh.  The first fool to follow gladly is the 5'2" bundle of dynamite (he really is 5'7"), Bastian, aka Bash. Together we duped the tall, sassy, leggy blonde, Megan, to sprinkle a dollop of estrogen on it all.


An LGBT, pop-culture podcast from Hillcrest in San Diego! We are just a few locals drinking, laughing and talking about whatever we want. Why? Because we're nobody of importance. Listen for laughs, mindless banter or just white noise to get you through your day.



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